What Will Help Coaches, Parents, and Players

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What Will Help Coaches, Parents, and Players

Post by DiamondDomination » June 15th, 2017, 10:25 am

Hey there!

I just have question for all of you softball coaches, parents and players. What online information or videos, PDFs, articles, webinars, information etc. would help your athletes, or if you are an athlete yourself, what would help you? I, myself as a former D1 Athlete, never found anything online that truly helped me improve my game, I had to solely rely on my coaches and hope and pray they were teaching me the right way. I had some who did and some who did not. I know this because of injuries that ended up hurting me later on in my career that could have been prevented if I was taught the right way. I know coaches are always looking for new drills, or ways to conduct practice, or mentality of the game info. I know I do as a private coach to young athletes. As parents, I know you just want to help your daughter become the best they can be. If you have ANY suggestions on something that would be beneficial that you could view somehow online, please respond to this message!! I look forward to you input to help this sport grow and get more exposure.

-Softball Minded

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Re: What Will Help Coaches, Parents, and Players

Post by Hoseman » June 19th, 2017, 2:07 pm

Definitely recommend Candrea's USA Softball videos. They are very detailed and simple at the same time.

A few things to remember when choosing online sources for info:

> There is ALOT of great info online but also a lot of hogwash!
> how you use the info in the vids and how you apply it in practice is just as important as the source of the info.
> consider the source: I wouldn't turn to some random HS coach making a video to stroke their own ego. Look for those who have played/coached at higher levels. You will find they are more refined.
> always remember some of this info will contradict the other. That's a good time to see what and where to apply said info. Situational awareness is key when looking at this stuff. I've found a few that don't explain the situation well and can be seen as the end all be all.

on another note: not many coaches will admit to looking for online info which I think is a (HUGE MISTAKE). There's a lot that ballplayers forget after playing so many years with the simple things eventually becoming second nature. Kudos to you!

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Re: What Will Help Coaches, Parents, and Players

Post by ratkiller » June 21st, 2017, 5:59 pm

I say videos from players and coaches from college or pro ranks. They usually break down technique and it gives you more time to figure out how to teach on your players mental game. I once had coaches that collected a bunch of videos and made folders with different categories. Hitting, corners, middle infield and so on...It seemed to help in planning practices too.

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