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Re: Excessive Post Clicking

Post by MAD-DOG 99 » September 12th, 2017, 10:14 am

Hoseman wrote:
September 11th, 2017, 6:39 pm
Where did I coach?

I am currently a minor league hitting coach and work with middle infielders.

The last club team I coached was in AZ a few years back. I was coaching with the son of one of my former college coaches. Elite team but too young to say if/where the girls would play in college.

What kids got recruited without help

That's easy: Dallas; (although I have met at least three people who claim to have either taught her how to pitch or negotiated her scholarship.)

with your insight or on their own

My most recent just committed to New Mexico State, have currents in Tennessee, Oklahoma and Auburn and many players at all levels.

What organizations besides those mentioned have gotten kids recruited ?

I'm not sure you've noticed but kids are recruited even from the worst of the worst orgs and teams out there. Its all about how a player promotes themselves (kind of like the coaches do). I know this isn't the usual sauce that's sold out there but it's reality.

Sorry man: I'm a bit of a diamond snob because I see so many coaches ruining players because they haven't played at a higher level but still claim to have a higher level knowledge. Parents and Kids believe it and before you know it a season has passed and they've wasted valuable time with these jokers. This game isn't "student of the game" friendly. Why haven't those you mention been successful at the college level? You need to at least play there 1st.

I shouldn't write this but the worst offenders are those who haven't played in college. Very one-dimensional with absolutely no advanced knowledge of the game but they can make a very good line-up with great players. I've got a few of their "students" before they went to college and it seemed as if they were taught from a textbook rather than by someone who understood the science of the game. I won't mention names since some of these guys make a living running club teams.

Again I will say I understand it hurts a lot of feeling but it's common sense. Would you let an intern do your heart surgery? Of course not.
Coach, I am not here to question your credibility , but I am confused ?
You no longer coach in AZ , but you appear to have an ongoing bad taste in your mouth with the club coaches here ?
As I have said before, sure kids get recruited from camps and yes the smaller organizations have commits.
Bombers, Desert Thunder and the AZ Cats have some great recruits , but for the most part the bigger organizations get kids recruited.
While Dallas probably got recruited before going to ST Marys , she did play for both the Hotshots and the Killer Bees.
Claiming to teach her pitching is mute considering they changed it when she got to ASU either way.
Lauren Haeger - Hotshots etc
There are currently no Auburn players from AZ on the roster and most have been recruited from the Bolts. Az commits from the Firecrakers
and Hotshots.
There are currently no Tennessee players from Arizona or Oklahoma either so once again I am confused ?
Lastly, this whole " didn't play the game" . I get the direction , but since Candrea barely played JUCO ball I'm not sure how playing necessarily makes someone an expert of the game.

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Re: Excessive Post Clicking

Post by Actively Recruited » October 23rd, 2017, 2:09 pm

Hoseman essentially has two objectives; the first being to brow beat everyone with his own opinions. Those being that only people that played in college are really qualified to coach & that the Huge Problem with Arizona Softball is there are too many unqualified coaches. The other objective - this being really his true objective - of informing us all that he played in college, coaches minor league baseball & is thus uniquely entitled to poop all over anyone that he may disagree with.

Here's my question, as there really aren't many qualified coaches available - what are we supposed to do Hoseman? It's one thing to point out problems another to offer solutions.

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