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Political Discourse

Post by iStride » December 3rd, 2011, 7:25 pm

There was recently a contest put on by AZCentral that my friends DG participated in. She didn't win but for sake of conversation what do you think about this essay?

Imagine growing up in the United States with no video games or television. Picture yourself doing exactly what your parents say when they tell you to do so. The way our generation is raised is quite different from any generation ever before in America. Every kid gets a trophy because no one wants his or her “feelings” hurt. Us kids are all used to getting our own way, receiving whatever we want whenever we want it. The United States of America has to get back to a society where there are winners and losers. Especially, where the art of compromise is best; since you can’t get everything that you want. Compromise will not split the country into two sides, like it seems now. Either side of the political spectrum seems like bitter enemies. However, United States is supposed to be “We the people;” not we the republicans or we the democrats. My generation can solve this problem by coming to compromises in political debates and also by coming to compromises during Senate and House gatherings. The adults in these positions should know that everything that they want in bills is not always agreed upon. They can push for their side of it of course, but when does that work? It usually makes more enemies then it convinces people to vote for their side. Therefore, we can solve this problem of anger and disrespect by coming to compromises by getting portions of what everyone wants starting with the youngsters.
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