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2019 Dream Ball Classic College Coaches in Attendence

Posted: December 31st, 2018, 1:59 pm
by 9starssports
Register: Contact Bobby Pena at 623-329-3813

Join us for the 2019 Dream Ball All-Star Games and Dream Ball Classic Showcase. All participating teams will receive (1) doz softballs.

College Coaches in Attendence:
Susquehanna University DIII
New England College DIII
Coe College DIII
Adams State University DII
Lake Forrest College DII
Arizona Chritsian U. NAIA
Bethel College NAIA
Ottaway University (AZ) NAIA
Park University (AZ) NAIA
Utah Eastern Softball JC DI
Phoenix College JC DII
Pardise Valley CC JC DII
South Mountain CC JC DII

This is a recruitment event. All games are 7 innings or 2 hours. Each game will have two umpires. You can register on our website or contact Bobby at 623-329-3813. Registration closes 1/8