Hits for the Homeless March 21st USSSA State Tournament

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Hits for the Homeless March 21st USSSA State Tournament

Post by softballsister » March 3rd, 2015, 8:40 pm

Dear Coaches,

My name is Alannah Rogers and I have been passionate about helping the homeless in our state. It started when I read a Facebook Invite to go downtown and bring blankets to the homeless that were sleeping on the street. I went downtown and it was so sad and the people I talked to were so thankful. That was back in December and I have been wanting to do more ever since! My sister Alexis and I have decided to do something to help and we need your help.

We are organizing an event called HITS FOR THE HOMELESS. As some of you may know, my sister and I are also very passionate about the game of softball. We figured out a way to combine both passions in order to do something wonderful to help the homeless. We both know how giving the softball community can be, so please consider having your team join in our effort to help the homeless.

The event will run as follows:

1. Hits for the Homeless will take place the weekend of March 21st during the USSSA State Tournament. (There are over 50 teams signed up so we are hoping to reach all coaches from 10u to 14u.)
2. Each team will be responsible for having their players get pledges for the total number of hits that your team has for a total of 4 games. (Each team will play 3 games on Saturday and at least 1 game on Sunday.)
3. A hit = any player who gets on base by a bunt, slap, or hit ball. The batter just needs to make contact with the ball and get on base, even if it happens by error it will still count. No walks or players hit by a pitch, etc...will count.
4. After the tournament total up your total team hits and your players will need to collect the money. It is due by April 3rd.

It is really that simple and should be fun for the players to know that each hit made during the game is not only going towards winning the game, but also helping the homeless.

The money raised will be given to a group called ReKindle who works directly with the homeless. Their website is http://reKindle.org/ . All checks will be made payable to ReKindle. There is a chance that ReKindle will be at the event making a video tape for their website. The local news stations have done news stories with this group and their efforts in the past so I am hoping that they will also pick up on this and maybe we can get some coverage on the great things club softball offers the youth involved. This fundraiser will also support my community service hours that I need for the NEHS that I am a part of at my school.

Please contact my sister and I at hits4thehomeless@gmail.com if you and your team will be willing to participate. We will send you all of the forms electronically and you will just need to print a pledge form for each player. A great goal would be 10 dollars per player in pledges. Wow! Then each team would donate at least a hundred dollars with that simple goal. There will also be an option for a straight donation instead of pledging per hit. Please consider joining this effort.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you,

Alannah and Alexis Rogers

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