What Make Sonus Complete Organic

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What Make Sonus Complete Organic

Post by corinafoster » September 10th, 2020, 12:47 am

o first disadvantage that I have mentioned above is that ignoring your hearing disease like Tinnitus can make you suffer from brain tumor as in type of hearing disorder you are not allowed to sleep peacefully for long as in this disease you hear continuous irritating sound like ringing, roaring, clocking etc in your ear. And because of your incomplete peaceful sleep your brain is not able to take rest and its stop itself to perform its function properly and this dysfunction of your brain destroy all the parts and nerve of your brain which makes you suffer from Brain Tumor.

Then I said that it can give a complete damage to your ear as again by those continuous irritating sound in your ear your ear and its parts does not get rest because of which all the parts in your ear gets damage and when all the parts of your ear are damaged then your ear is automatically damaged.

After that I said that it can stops you from sleeping peacefully yes it is also correct as I told you that in this hearing disease(Tinnitus) not only in Tinnitus but in most of the hearing disease you hear continuous irritating sounds like clicking, ringing, roaring and many others. These continuous irritating sounds in your ears do not allow you to sleep properly.

Then I said above that it can completely damage your nervous system and again reason behind this is those irritating sound and your improper sleep as it also stops your nervous system to take rest because of which your nervous system stops functioning and after little time all the parts and nerves in your nervous system gets damaged.

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