14U think long term

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14U think long term

Post by Getsmart » January 11th, 2019, 9:14 pm

Think long term about the game, there are several factors to consider.. do you have a BIG budget because your going to need it. If your new at this sport, add up your monthly dues x 12 x 7-8 yrs until graduation. Then factor in weekend out of state trips, week long trips, fundraisers and your valuable time. Now get REAL picky, why not we care about our house lender, our bank, our car, our gas, where we shop and what we eat. Why does this habit, attitude and expectation change when it comes to this game.

Before we get to your morals you set aside, and after you add up all your softball expenses which will exceed 20k and plus, you will see how unrealistic this game really is.
Why do you think coaches coach their kids, it’s because it’s their only chance and you are not coaching your child so unless you have another 20k for camp expenses, you have zero chance. By your daughter’s junior year, you will see first hand that if she is lucky to play somewhere that you have already paid 20k minimum to get her there. If your daughter is in any position outside of pitcher, your lucky to see any money to pay for her college. Remember softball ends after college!!! It’s a dead end career. Look at your ex-college players and see where their degree got them, not far at all. They are stay at home moms coaching club ball, the cycle never ends!

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