Destruction of sport

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Destruction of sport

Post by moreformychild » January 1st, 2018, 9:12 pm

People may not care about this.

However this is my only way to bring closure to a career whom I feel should be continuing throughout the collegiate level.

I have had the honor of being a parent and watching a young lady who had us and her early club coaches wondering if she would ever hit the ball. With the help of her first hitting coach she had a breakout game where she reached base 9 times. 2 weeks later she hit her very first homerun. Since then she had been one the most consistent hitters in her line up. Despite changing teams, she continued working. Her current hitting coach loves her. and even now as she is about to move on, she continues to improve. She is improving at a sport that will no longer be a part of her life. Why?

funny thing happens at a collegiate camp. A rep from a major 4 year university tells everyone that colleges won't take you if your majoring in something that involves a lot of labs? Yes...this was said. So let's get this straight. College Athletics are now for those who just want to play sports and major in something easy? Just to get by for the sake of the program? You can be good at a sport, But God forbid you want to me something like a doctor, or go into medicine or major in whatever you chose that will make you a lot of money after college. Wake up, there is no pro softball out there like the MLB. The sport should serve as a way to provide some financial assistance to the expensive cost of getting a college education. I know, Full rides do not exist in this sport or any sport in college these days. But what gives colleges the right to tell athletes that despite how good you are on the field, your major or career choice will not help our softball program.

The sport simply is being destroyed. How?
overpriced camps from organizations that are just trying to make money to pay their guest representatives. I wish I could have asked for a refund after that rep said that.
yes the parents are killing this sport. Especially at the high school level. High school softball in our area is all based on who can talk a lot and what club team they are reppin. My child plays for Storm, My child plays for Firecrackers, etc. But what about the blue
chipper that you find on an affordable team that can knock the cover off the ball? Parents need to leave the coaches alone and allow them to do their jobs!
your not getting away free either. Your not prepping these girls for the collegiate levels. I'm sick of talking to girls who regret playing in College. They regret it because they are not prepared.
the current College athlete....You should be promoting a sport that is awesome and fun, just like baseball. Instead it's a bunch of
complaining about how much time it's taking. Give me a break. OH...Thanks for your help (Sarcastically speaking).

So, as I watch my child's career come to an end, I must express my disappointment in this whole entire system. No wonder the pitching on tv during last years tourney appeared to be getting slower. Last years tourney did not impress me. It has not been good since Escobedo, and Ricketts and the phenom from Michigan was playing. go ahead tell me i'm wrong. But I do feel College sports can use young ladies like my child. Hard working non political players.

To my daughter, thanks for not playing the game, and doing it the right way!!! I'm proud of you! Love Dad.

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Re: Destruction of sport

Post by vacypohex » December 3rd, 2018, 8:02 am

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